Why I stopped having intimate relations at 50…

(And why this was very good news… especially for my intimate life!)

You see, when I turned 50, intimacy started to hurt.

Even when I became aroused, I found myself dry, tight… and so intimacy would make me sore.

This soreness left me frustrated. I engaged in physical intimacy with my partner less and less.

… And I was scared that we would stop being intimate entirely.

So I looked for the cause.

And I was worried by what I found:
Story after story from people just like me. Stories about dryness… about tightness… about soreness

All sad stories. Until I finally read one story that gave me hope:

I found a story from a person who was just like me. And their story started the same as mine - Dryness, soreness, and an intimacy-deprived marriage.

But their story had a happy ending:

Today, they have vibrant lovemaking with their partner. They feel happy and connected in their relationship.

So I followed their instructions:

I stopped worrying about getting older. Instead, I helped more blood flow into my vagina.

You see, I learned that estrogen helps blood flow through our body. And I learned that the blood vessels in my vagina were shriveling up.

Which caused the dryness… the soreness that forced me to stop engaging in physical intimacy.

I also learned that this special ingredient helps you relax, so more blood can flow. And I learned that scientists have studied how it helps more than 3,600 times!

So I started the excited yet embarrassing search for a way to put this special ingredient inside my vagina.

Before I knew it, I was being intimate again:

I felt closer to my partner than I had in years. And the orgasms he gave me washed over me harder and stronger than they had since I was thirty years old!

The product that worked for me was from a company named Foria.

Foria has a product called “Intimacy Melts”, which are made of cocoa butter and infused with this special ingredient.

When you put a “Melt” inside your body, the cocoa butter melts with your body’s natural warmth.

And this special ingredient rushes to where it’s needed most.

Just twenty minutes after I used one of Foria’s Intimacy Melts, I was wet, relaxed, and ready for intimacy.

And… like the 12,000+ other people who enjoy Foria’s Intimacy Melts… I felt pleasure I hadn’t felt in years.

See What Other Are Saying about Foria’s Intimacy Melts:

THIS PRODUCT…. Holy hell. I’m a 50 year old slightly menopausal woman with a high desire for intimacy and a body that does not always want to cooperate. Well, buy this. All of it. 10/10 strongly recommend (and my hubs does as well!)”

Christine, age 45-54

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What a relief! Intimacy feels pleasurable again and I'm not cringing. My husband was so worried that he was hurting me before, and now we are back to our ever-increasing intimate life.”

Leslie R., age 45-54

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“I am older (55) and just could not get there no matter what! THIS is a miracle! Words cannot describe what this has done for my intimate life. Explosive 🧨”

Anonymous, age 55

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‍If your intimate life is making you sore, then try Foria’s Intimacy Melts for yourself.

‍If your intimate life is making you sore, then try Foria’s Intimacy Melts for yourself.


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